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Chorus America conducts regular and periodic research to track data and identify trends in the choral field. Learn more about the research from the descriptions that follow and access the reports and tools directly using the links below.

The Chorus Impact Study: Singing for a Lifetime

This 2019 study builds on previous Chorus Impact Study data about the impact singing has on individuals and communities, and, for the first time, looks in-depth at the role that singing plays in the lives of older adults. The research shows that choral singing in America is stronger than ever, with 54 million Americans singing together today.

Making the Case for Your School Choir: An Advocacy Guide

A practical guide on how to be an effective advocate for your school choir.

The Chorus Impact Study: How Children, Adults, and Communities Benefit from Choruses

According to Chorus America's research, 42.6 million adults and children sing in choruses across the country. (This 2009 study tracked data from America's Performing Art, below.)            

America's Performing Art: A Study of Choruses, Choral Singers, and Their Impact

A 2003 research report on the impact of choral singing in the U.S.

Chorus Operations Survey Report

An annual industry-wide survey of choral activities with aggregate figures on finances, concert attendance, ticket prices, earned and contributed income, staffing, boards of directors, education programs, and more.

Choral Conductors Today: An Updated Report

This report uses data drawn from the survey responses of more than 600 conductors to examine conductors' career paths, training, responsibilities, salaries, and more. (This 2017 report updates data from Chorus America's first choral conductor survey, done in 2005.)

Choral-Orchestral Engagements: Common Practices

This practical resources for choruses provides guidance on collaborating successfully with orchestras, based on conversations with more than 30 artistic administrators.

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